Where Do I Park?

Places to Park

parking on 44th

Parking is allowed all along 44th Street, right by the church or up closer to Tennessee Ave, and across the street towards Alabama Ave. PLEASE be aware and do NOT block driveways or garages — any residential parking areas. 

You can park in the back on Virginia Ave. up onto our property. Most people park diagonally back there. Do NOT block or park in anyone’s driveway!

Try not to park on St. Elmo Avenue

St. Elmo is a bike friendly neighborhood. As good neighbors, we try not to park on St. Elmo Avenue in either direction ever since the city designated both directions with bike lanes. Many people who live in the neighborhood walk to church.  We do not really have off street parking.

Handicap Parking

one space parking on 44th

There is handicap parking on St. Elmo Avenue in the church’s turnabout on St. Elmo Avenue. This is only for cars tagged “handicap”. There is also one space that is painted blue on 44th St. by the front of the church.

Access to the church: there is a ramp by the front turnabout that can take you all the way up to the Fellowship Hall doors, or right to the sanctuary off of St. Elmo Avenue.

handicap ramp to sanctuaryneighborhood