1.  Can I rent/use your building? 

The Presbyterian Church of Saint Elmo building may be used only for purposes consistent with the mission of the Presbyterian Church of Saint Elmo, and may not be used in ways that conflict with its doctrinal beliefs as found in the Bible and the church’s governing documents. Facility use for weddings is restricted to members of PCA churches or those affiliated with PCA agencies. The Deacons/Building and Grounds Ministry Group decides on a case by case basis use of the church by non-members.

Please fill out our Building Use Request and scan/email it, or bring it to the church secretary’s office. You will usually receive an answer in two weeks or less. If you will have children on site at our church, please read and sign this form as well.

2.  Can I have my wedding/reception at your church?

We have a small sanctuary that fits 200 people comfortably, and 230 is the maximum amount that can be seated. Our Fellowship Hall seats 150 people comfortably. Please view or download our Wedding Policy which will give you a lot of preliminary information. Download the application papers which provide more information as well. Non-members who wish to be married at St. Elmo Presbyterian Church need to contact our Pastor, Reverend Daniel Wells, to schedule an appointment. Pre-marital counseling is required of all couples who wish to be married at St. Elmo.”4. 

3.  What is the PCA denomination and what do you believe? 

Please go to this link Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Scroll down on that site to read about PCA missionaries, natural disaster areas needing help, committees and agencies of the PCA. Also go to our page “What We Believe”.

4.  How old is your church?

St. Elmo Presbyterian Church was started with seed money from First Presbyterian Church, downtown, Chattanooga in 1889.

5.  Can I donate to your church online?

YES! We use a provider called Zeffy that makes it easy for you to securely send payments to our church from your computer or smart phone.

QR code for giving

The QR code displayed here will appear in the bulletin each week. Scan it with your smart device to go directly to our giving portal on Zeffy where you can complete your payment using a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or direct debit (ACH).

Ready to get started? Give now!

6.  Can I bring a friend to Youth Group?

YES! All kids of youth group age (middle school and high school students) are welcome.

7.  Can I get help (financial, food, utilities, someone to talk to, rent…) from St. Elmo Presbyterian Church?

We are a small church, but through our Deacons’ Fund we try to help members and regular attenders after meeting with two Deacons in the church. We sometimes are able to help St. Elmo residents who are not members with some requests. You should call the church office and your name, phone number, and address will be taken. Then we will pass that information on to two Deacons who will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting with you. They may need to get more information from you as well. They will meet with you and decide if the church can help with your request. We do not keep money or food at the church.